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Unique blend of surfactants and solvents designed to aid in the dispersion of asphaltenes and asphaltic materials into crude oil or aliphatic solvents. AD 100 acts to improve the stability of these mixtures and as well as reduce their pour points.

Green Stream Solutions is a premium value industry leader.

Producers that partner with GSS can cost-effectively manufacture product.

Green Stream Solutions offers:

  • A complete range of production chemicals
  • A fully equipped technical service and research laboratory
  • A fleet of specially designed delivery and service trucks
  • A staff of professionals with expertise that you can depend upon

Our advanced technology and premium service is available for all of your production, surveillance and analytical needs. Use GSS tools and staff whether conducting a field survey for recommendations to improve efficiency, performing complex analytical testing in the laboratory, or during daily monitoring of chemical performance either offshore, inland or on land.

An enhanced feature of Green Stream Solutions’ customer portal and interactive internet services allow customers to:

  • Track field performance
  • Set goals for product enhancement remotely
  • Access vital information 24/7 from any computer globally

Partner with Green Stream Solutions for a total Chemical Solution.

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